On The Road with Don & Gary


We left Fort St. John early (0730) in bright sunshine. Today is the day we enter the Northern Rockies. It's been hard to keep Gary focused as all he wants to do is stare at the mountains. Going through these mountain passes with our overloaded UHaul is certainly a challenge. At times we can only go 15 MPH. We certainly earned our 395 miles today. Early on we climbed to 3723' at MP 135. It was down a little and up some more from there. We finally topped out at 4266' (the highest point on the Alaska Highway), at MP 375 just past Summit Lake. We stopped for lunch (we needed the break) at Lum and Abners, good home cooked meal. We finally made our way to Muncho Lake and will be spending the night at The Northern Rockies Lodge. Dinner here was excellent. The lodge is owned by a German couple so the Wiener Snitzel was excellent. Muncho Lake is still frozen and owner/pilot Urs is using it as a runway for his Twin Otter.